Olfar: for over 30 years
generating food and energy

For over 30 years in the market, Olfar Group produces food and energy for the world in a reliable and sustainable manner.

Founded in 1988, the company is made up of committed people, ethical principles and values. Our essence lies in the strength of innovation, technology and excellence.

With a history of hard work, dreams and commitment, Olfar has become the largest industrial Biodiesel group in Brazil. In addition, it is considered one of the main companies in the segment in the industrialization of soybeans, vegetable oils extraction and glycerin refining. It also operates in the commercialization of grains, consolidating itself among the main traders in the country, serving domestic and international market in a broad and strategic way.

With its headquarters located in Erechim, north of Rio Grande do Sul, it has 49 grain receiving units in the same state, and three biodiesel plants in Brazil.


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Grupo Olfar in Numbers

0 grain receiving units

in Rio Grande do Sul

0 tons

is the receiving and storage capacity

0 biodiesel sites

Erechim (Rio Grande do Sul), Porto Real (Rio de Janeiro) and Porangatu (Goiás)

Production Capacity


0 billion

liters per year


0 thousand tons

Soybean crushing capacity per year

Glycerin Refinery

0 thousand tons

Refined glycerin capacity per year

Thermoelectric Plant Energir

0 Kwh

Installed and granted power

Our story


Olfar was founded in Erechim (Rio Grande do Sul)

The company started its activities, focused on the industrialization of soy, producing vegetable oil and bran. The main goal was to serve small producers and cooperatives in the city.


First Grain Receiving Branch and the starting project for the new industry

With the constant increase in demand, opened the first branch in the city of Erechim, with four warehouses. At the same year, with 12 employees, prospects for the company's growth started.


Inauguration of the new industrial complex, the current headquarters of Grupo Olfar

In the new plant, it was possible to build the office headquarters, preparation structure, and bran storage and oil extraction. The industrial complex provided the expansion of the processing capacity to 600 tons of soy per day.

2006 - 2009

Decisive period for company stability

During this period, Olfar made its first partnership, being an initial milestone to start the Grain Receiving network throughout the Alto Uruguai Gaúcho region. At the end of 2009, the company already had 30 units.


Opening of the Group's first Biodiesel plant, in Erechim (Rio Grande do Sul)

Established the beginning of a new era for Olfar. With operations and trade relations intensified, allowing the expansion of the Grain Receiving network and strengthening the vertical integration of the entire production chain. Nowadays, the company has 49 units that meet the demand for soybean for the industry and the commercialization carried out by the trading area.


Olfar Indústria e Comércio de Óleos Vegetais Ltda becomes Olfar S/A – Alimento e Energia (Food and Energy)

In 2012, the industrial site was improved and the capacity of the preparation and extraction plants doubled, going from 800 tons to 2,000 tons per day.


Inauguration of the Glycerin Refinery in Erechim (Rio Grande do Sul)

When opened, the new development had the capacity to refine 150 tons of crude glycerin per day. Today the capacity is 54 thousand tons per year.


Acquisition of the Biodiesel plant in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Aiming to act strategically, to facilitate the logistics of product distribution in the central region of the country, the Group intensified its expansion, investing in a plant located in the Porto Real, state of Rio de Janeiro. With an area of 13,569 m² and capacity to produce 450,000 liters of fuel per day, the plant began operating in 2017 with the Olfar brand located on the largest consumer market in Brazil.


Energir Foundation

The thermoelectric plant provided the self-production of electricity and steam to supply the headquarters plant, reinforcing the company's commitment to sustainability. Energir has an installed and granted power of 7,000 kWh, which provides the production of 150 MW of electricity per day, an amount capable of supplying a city of approximately 30,000 inhabitants.


Acquisition of the Biodiesel plant in the state of Goiás

Acquisition of the Biodiesel plant in the state of Goiás
The Olfar Group confirmed its national presence with the acquisition of the Porangatu plant, in the state of Goiás.
Logistically well located as it is close to the North/South railway and the road axis that connects the North with all other regions of the country. Initially with an installed capacity of 700,000 liters per day, the plant underwent a major refurbishment that allowed an increase in production of 1,800,000 liters per day. In the same area, an extraction plant is under project, where the Group intends to encourage local farmers to plant soybeans and other oilseeds for the production of oil and biodiesel.

Expansion of industrial plants

The expansion of the capacity of industrial plants, implemented in 2020, aims to comply with the Law that determines the mandatory addition of biodiesel to diesel oil sold to the final consumer. With the investment, the processing capacity of Vegetable Oil increased to 2,500 tons of grains per day and the biodiesel production capacity at the Plant in Erechim increased to 1,200,000 liters per day.


Port Terminal for Liquids Project in São Paulo

At the end of 2020, Grupo Olfar obtained a license to use the Port of São Sebastião, in São Paulo. The project includes an operating area of 13,355 square meters, acquired and exchanged with the same city. At this location, 29 tanks will be built, with a total storage capacity of 33 thousand tons.


Olfar becomes the largest Biodiesel industrial group in Brazil

With the beginning of operations at the plant in Goiás, Olfar becomes the company with the largest production capacity in the country, totaling 1.242 billion liters of biodiesel per year.




2006 - 2009










To offer food and energy products, meeting the market needs with excellence, innovation and credibility, generating profit and income, promoting the continuous development of its employees, with respect for society and the environment.


Business continuance, international acknowledgement, national acknowledgement, business diversification, structuring and consolidation of the company


Entrepreneurship, Commitment, Credibility, Excellence, Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability.

quality and credibility

The union between research and high technology allows Olfar to make continuous improvements in its processes and implement new methods, aiming at excellence in all products in addition to establishing a relationship of trust and appreciation with its customers.

Olfar's Industrial Complex proves that innovation is part of the company's daily life. All spaces designed to meet the strictest quality and safety controls, respecting international standards and current regulations in the food and energy sector. Monitoring of its plants performed 24 hours a day, by state-of-the-art equipment and by qualified teams.

Accredited Quality and Credibility

With a complete infrastructure of laboratories, Olfar performs the control and monitoring of all parameters that affect the quality of the product and its performance during the production process. This structure allows to carry out analyzes and tests of soy and its derivatives, biodiesel, double-distilled glycerin and water with high precision. A technical team issues all reports certifying compliance with the requirements established worldwide. On average, around 40 thousand analyzes are carried out per month that confirm the quality of all the company's products.

The Olfar Laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited to carry out chemical tests on biodiesel, attesting the credibility of its quality processes and strict compliance with national and international standards.


The dedication to researching, transforming and innovating in a responsible and sustainable way reflects in the results obtained by Olfar Group. Through certification systems, the company increasingly consolidates the performance and commitment to excellence in its segment. 


The Olfar Group also includes the Energir Thermoelectric Power Plant, responsible for the self-production of Electric Energy through cogeneration. All the energy generated supplies the plant in Rio Grande do Sul and reinforces the commitment to sustainability in all its processes and actions. Learn more about Energir by accessing here.

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