Our operations
São Paulo

By the end of 2020, Olfar S/A signed a contract which grants the use of Porto de São Sebastião, in São Paulo. Handling liquid bulk, the company is focused on providing services for the entrance of products in different markets, as well as supplying the Biodiesel Plant in Porto Real/Rio de Janeiro. Providing exclusive tanks suitable for different purposes, the objective is to meet the specific needs of each market, allowing for better performance in port operations. Such connectivity is a competitive advantage that will add value to movements.

The project includes an operation area of 13,355 square meters, acquired from an exchanged with the city of São Sebastião, where 29 tanks will be built, with a total storage capacity of 33 thousand tons.

Besides the Group's exclusive activities, the terminal will also be able to meet the demands of other segments, allowing supplies and handling of products both within Brazil, as well as cabotage, and from abroad, including exports of finished products, based in such an important area of São Paulo.