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Rio de Janeiro

An industrial plant designed to work with reused oils, the Porto Real Plant, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, stands out for its sustainability by generating biodiesel from recovered vegetable oil (RVO), animal fat and soybean oil. The production carried out through transesterification and esterification reactions, extracting the crude glycerin throughout the process.

In addition to contributing to the environment, producing ecologically correct biodiesel, avoiding the disposal of oils and fats in water networks, Olfar is also focused on social issues. Through specific programs, the company works collaboratively with cooperatives, by collecting reuse oil in their communities. All profits from the sale of reusable oil are donated to cultural and sports programs aimed at children in need in these places.

The Porto Real Plant was one of the first biodiesel production sites in the country to obtain the RenovaBio certification, granted by the Federal Government, with the purpose of enlarge the production of biofuels in Brazil, based on predictability, environmental, economic and social sustainability, and compatible with market growth.

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