Environmental responsibility
Commitment to transformation

Contribute effectively to social and environmental transformation, based on ethical values, citizenship and sustainability. This is the Olfar Group's commitment. As a company, part of the food and energy segment and Brazilian representative in the global market, believes and encourages projects and programs that promote the preservation of natural resources, seeking sustainable and conscious growth.


The Olfar Group is constantly working to incorporate renewable sources into the country's energy matrix, aiming at building a sustainable future. Thus, the commitment to social and environmental aspects present throughout the production chain, bearing in mind the high potential of biodiesel as a biodegradable fuel derived from renewable sources, with an important role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.


RenovaBio is a program of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, which institutes the National Biofuels Policy. This initiative sets decarbonization targets, aiming to collaborate with the global treaty on climate change (Paris Agreement), promote the expansion of biofuels in the Brazilian energy matrix and ensure predictability for the fuel market, inducing gains in energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Olfar's plants in Rio Grande do Sul and in Rio de Janeiro have the RenovaBio certification, which awards company’s producers of biofuels taking into account their Environmental Energy Efficiency Score. This score accurately reflects the company's contribution to the mitigation of a specific amount of greenhouse gases in relation to its fossil substitute.


Olfar´s Biodiesel plant in Porangatu in Goiás State received the certification RenovaBio to issue more than 1.39 million decarbonization credits per year. In conformity with the National Policy for Biofuel, the plant becomes the largest holder of CBios in Brazil. This places Porangatu as the first biodiesel plant with the potential to exceed the barrier of one million CBios per year. This achievement confirms Olfar Group's commitment to sustainability, by means of the practices adopted that aim at anti-pollution. CBios are bonds issued based on the carbon emissions that have been reduced. Each ton of CO2 that is no longer emitted generates a carbon credit.

The Porangatu Energy & Environment Efficiency Score (NEEA in Portuguese) also highlights that the plant has the 13th cleanest biodiesel among those certified, being able to emit one CBio for every 378.2 liters of biodiesel produced. On average, the sector has 65.78 gCO2eq/MJ, which would allow the emission of one CBio for every 458.5 liters. Last year, the plant produced 114.6 thousand m³ of biodiesel, which would allow the emission of 247 thousand credits. It is important to mention that, in fact, the plant only started to produce biodiesel, in May 2021. With an average monthly production of 14,300 m³, if it had been active since the beginning of the year the production could have reached 171,800 m³ of biodiesel and, in this case, it could generate 370,600 CBios.

Recovered oil

The transformation of recycled frying oil into biofuel translates the meaning of end-to-end sustainable production. This practice contributes not only to preservation, but also to the re-education and awareness of the population regarding the correct disposal of this waste, which, when improperly disposed, causes a great impact on sewage systems, causing damage to nature and society as a whole.

Regional Renewable Energy Program

Olfar works to promote the implementation of energy forests through a solid partnership with local landowners and woodchip suppliers in the northern region of Rio Grande do Sul.

With support from Embrapa Florestas, Emater Regional Erechim and the Associação dos Municípios do Alto Uruguai (Amau), the Regional Renewable Energy Program aims to make Grupo Olfar self-sufficient in the production of forest biomass for heat and energy generation.

Strategically developed to integrate foresters into the industrial chain, the project goes beyond the need to meet the demand for raw material, promoting economic, social and environmental advantages for the entire region.

In addition to highlighting environmental gains, reforestation allows the producer to take advantage of unproductive areas, inadequate for agriculture, complementing the activities of the farm.

Olfar has a Forestry Engineer and a specialized technical team to support the structuring of the planting and development of Eucalyptus forests, providing foresters with knowledge and technology to improve the production system. To ensure operational efficiency, we also have mechanized systems for felling, processing and our own logistics, which enable and optimize the transport of biomass.

I am Olfar, I am sustainable

Sowing awareness, this is the Olfar Group's commitment.

More than establishing strategies, sustainability is in the essence, in the way of thinking and acting. Believing in this philosophy, Grupo Olfar created the Program Sou Olfar, Sou Sustentável (I am Olfar , I am Sustainable), working for environmental preservation. The program promotes different actions and initiatives that seek to reinforce the need to change habits and attitudes, combining integration between the company, employees and the community. Some actions already taken:

Ações práticas que reforçam nosso compromisso com o meio ambiente
Dia Mundial da Água e nosso compromisso com a preservação
Energia Renovável: nosso compromisso com o planeta
Sustainable Field Day
Voluntary planting of seedlings
Sustainability Toll
Eco cups throughout the company
Environment Week
Voluntary cleaning of vacant lots

Digital Sustainability Seal

The Olfar Group works with a platform for digital signatures in compliance with all current legislation, including the General Data Protection Law.

Indices of avoided CO2, water and preserved trees are generated, according to the number of documents signed and transmitted electronically.


Pesticide Packaging Collection Campaign

The partnership with the producer includes guidance for the development of agriculture in a responsible way. Concerning to raw materials, every Brazilian rural producer who uses pesticides needs to give the correct destination to the packages. The process is known as reverse logistics.

Olfar adopts a posture with the concept of shared responsibility among farmers, industry and distribution channels. In this way, it annually carries out the Pesticide Packaging Collection campaign, throughout the region where it operates, making collection points available at the grain-receiving units.

The collected material is destined for correct disposal, in partnership with certified companies.

Action numbers in 2021

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Green Code

Olfar Group believes in the positive transformation of society based on principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. To this end, it establishes socio-environmental conduct and guidelines, available in its Green Code.

Access the Olfar Green Code


Since its creation, the link with the community and the commitment to local development have been incorporated into Olfar's nature. For this purpose, the company's actions are based on the commitment to promote activities with excellence and innovation, and the constant search to encourage agents that integrate the production chain, either through the development of the cities in its area of operation, as well as thousands of people, through the generation of employment and income.

In addition, Olfar permanently encourages social projects and promotes campaigns that seek to benefit the community and entities where the company operates, such as: assistance to the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents of Erechim, to the National Support Program to Culture and the Incentive Program for Public Security Equipment in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, through laws to encourage and support hospitals and donations of clothing and food to entities and families in vulnerable situations.

Social Fuel Seal

Awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA in Portuguese) this seal confers on Olfar the character of promoting the social inclusion of Family Farmers. In addition to directly benefit producers, meeting the necessary requirements in the purchase of raw material originating in these rural properties, Olfar provides, through its agricultural technicians, free assistance and training to those who fall under the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture (PRONAF in Portuguese).

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Ações práticas que reforçam nosso compromisso com o meio ambiente
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