Our vertically integrated production chain ranges from sourcing raw materials to trading and delivering our products. Mastering all these steps is the guarantee of delivering quality and excellent solutions for our customers and partners.

From farm´s support, to the sale of raw grains, soybean processing, production of vegetable oil, biodiesel and glycerin, our portfolio is present in many segments.

Raw Grains

Olfar sells raw soybean, corn and wheat grains serving national and international markets.

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Soybean Meal

Obtained from soybean processing for oil extraction, bran is one of the most suitable protein supplements for animal feeding.

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Soybean Hull

Another soybean by-product, the hull consists the skin that surrounds the grain, obtained in the preparation process.

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Soybean Oil

Crude Degummed soybean oil extracted from soybean processing has high energy and nutritional values

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A renewable energy source, biodiesel established as a sustainable alternative to minimize dependence on oil and the emission of greenhouse gases.

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Refined Glycerin

With technical scale or superior quality, Olfar's glycerin has a concentration of 99.7% to 99.9% of glycerol.

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Fertilizers and Pesticides

Our vertical working methodology includes monitoring with our producer partners from planting to harvesting.

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Our operations network begins in the field and completes a wide and strategic market chain, serving the national and international markets, with exports to countries in America, Europe and Asia.

Olfar's trading area has highly qualified professionals to serve the grain trading market, animal feed, biofuel and chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.