Our operations
Rio Grande do Sul

Grupo Olfar´s plant is strategically located in one of the most productive regions in the agricultural sector in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.  In the city of Erechim, the company stands out for its performance in oil extraction, biodiesel production, glycerin refinery and energy generation. In addition to the commercial and administrative structures centralized there.

Vegetable Oil Industry

It is responsible for the production of soybean meal, soybean lecithin and soybean oil.

Biodiesel Plant

The Biodiesel Plant is part of a select group of the 10 largest in the country. Considered one of the most modern of its kind, being the first to use the enzymatic neutralization process in Brazil. In addition to biodiesel, it extracts crude glycerin during the production process.

Glycerin Refinery

The automated process developed at the Glycerin Refinery, and advanced technology allows greater flexibility to work with different raw materials. Complying with international quality and production standards, Olfar's refined glycerin is a high quality product, with a minimum purity level of 99.7%.

Transformation into
production numbers

Vegetable Oil Industry

0 tons

grains processing capacity per day

Bagged Bran shipment

0 bags

per hour

Biodiesel plant

0 million liters

production capacity per day

Glycerin Refinery

0 tons

of crude glycerin refined per day

Company Facilities

To meet the demand in the Alto Uruguai Gaúcho region, Grupo Olfar has an origination network that covers several cities located in this area of the state. Through this structure, the Group provides a qualified technical team that accompanies agricultural producers, guiding and monitoring production.

Olfar sells around 80% of the production of oilseeds from this area.

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Thermoelectric power plant

Responsible for the self-production of energy through cogeneration, the Energir Thermoelectric Power Plant supplies Olfar's headquarters plant in the city of Erechim. Electricity and steam generated through the controlled combustion of eucalyptus wood chips, a clean and renewable energy source. Olfar provides an automated structure that performs the felling, chopping and transport of the wood chips to the plant. This flow provides a better price for the forester. All raw material consumed comes from reforestation areas.

The plant complies with all environmental norms and regulations, operating with extremely safe technologies and control equipment, such vertical bag filters, efficient in gas filtration. Energir also develops the Renewable Energy Program.

Olfar Energy
in Numbers

0 KWh

Installed and granted power

0 tons

of wood processed per day, the equivalent of 1,200 m³ to 1,300 m³ of wood chips.

0 MW

is the capacity to produce electricity per day

0 tons

of steam/hour, which supplies the industrial complex

The volume of biomass is capable of producing 150 MW of electricity per day, an amount capable of supplying a city of approximately 30,000 inhabitants. This energy supplies the entire consumption of the headquarters and the excess exported to the SIN (National Interconnect System).

In addition to electricity, the plant generates 55 tons of steam/hour, which supplies the industrial complex in the extraction, biodiesel, and glycerin refining and evaporation system. The steam generation process takes place in a closed circuit, that is, after feeding the industrial processes, much of it returns in the condensate form to the thermoelectric power plant.

With the residual from the combustion process, 3 tons/day of ash is generated, which is collected by a specialized company and reused as a form of organic fertilizer, which makes the process environmentally sustainable throughout its cycle.

in motion

The Olfar Group also has a strategic logistics structure, through Supply Chain, which maintains a team focused on managing all handling operations, ensuring to supply raw material for the industry, offering products and the fluidity for the outflow of the production. The activities are developed in line with the company's commitment to society and the environment.

The logistics sector controls the renewal and periodic maintenance of the fleet, implementing new technologies and using resources such as S10 and Arla, which considerably reduce the polluting effects.

The professionals who are part of the team of drivers receive periodic training and guidance, aiming to qualify their work and prioritize their own safety and that of other road users.

Transformation in motion
Fast and responsive logistics

Own fleet with over than

0 vehicles

for technical support in the field.

Own fleet of heavy vehicles

0 trucks

for liquid cargo in the shipment of Glycerin USP, reforestation and bulk carriers.

The flow exceeds

0 trucks

per day between receiving and shipping products at the units in Erechim (Rio Grande do Sul), Porto Real (Rio de Janeiro) and Porangatu (Goiás).