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Olfar's unit in the city of Porangatu, in the far north of the state of Goiás, holds its importance on the national biodiesel scene as the second largest plant in Brazil. To generate biodiesel at the plant in Goiás, recovered vegetable oil (RVO), animal fat and soybean oil are used as raw material. In addition to biofuel, it obtains crude glycerin as a by-product of the production process.

Installed in a privileged logistical position, in 2021 the Olfar Group began the second phase of planning for the Goiás Plant. With the project to build a soy processing plant. This stage comprises the complete implementation of the soybean oil extraction unit, including warehouses for grain storage, a deposit for soybean meal, among other necessary elements for the structure of the production process. The expectation is that the structure will have a crushing capacity of 3,000 tons of grain per day, and be ready by 2024.

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