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All the transformation that moves us is only possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of our people.

Are you passionate about new ideas, challenges and constant learning? If so, come build your future with us!

The Olfar Group seeks people who want to be and make a difference. Dynamic people willing to contribute through their deliveries and responsibilities with the whole company.

Program GERAR

The GERAR is a program created with the purpose of promoting policies and strategies for the growth and development of Olfar's employees.

Gerar - Recruitment and selection process

Includes attracting and selecting talents to join the company. For each opportunity, there are specific criteria that are set based on the maps of each job skills such as training, responsibilities, skills and behavioral techniques and behavioral techniques. Aiming to value professionals who work at Olfar, many vacancies are available for internal recruitment.

Gerar - People assessment

Through a specific methodology, established by Olfar, performance evaluations are carried out periodically, as a way to encourage people's development. This process seeks to provide an opportunity for dialogue between employees and managers, in order to promote professional growth and development.

Gerar - Well Being

Generate the well-being of people is a commitment to Olfar. Based on research, suggestions and employee’s perceptions, the company implements actions and improvements to make a better work environment.

Gerar - Ideas

Stimulating creativity and the many possibilities of evolution: this is the goal of GERAR IDEAIS. The program encourages employees to think about and propose innovations that enable continuous improvements in work processes, through practical day-to-day experience. In this way, everyone assumes the leading role, aiming at optimization, efficiency and focus on the Group's strategic actions. At the end of each year, a ranking is held, where the best-implemented ideas are awarded.

Gerar - Positions and Wages

Aims to establish requirements for each position and define the wages practices adopted by the company for each job, as well as future remauneration prospects within the position.

Gerar - Training and Development

Based on a survey of qualification needs, an Annual Training Program is made to meet the demands of training and development of each team.

Gerar - Disabled people

Encourage inclusion based on the same selection criteria and requirements for each position, based on the opportunities offered by the company.

Be part of Grupo Olfar

To participate in Olfar's recruitment processes, you must register your resume at the company's web portal.

All data will remain in our database for one year. You will be able to access your information at any time for updating. After a year, your registration will be inactivated and you came make a new one. The information requested will be under the responsibility of our Human Resources Department and used solely for the purpose of the recruitment processes.